Great Fun at the First Santa Monica Ukulele Festival
Monday, April 20, 2015 at 8:23AM
Lori Apthorp

Well, the first Santa Monica Ukulele Festival was great fun. Too bad it was on the same day as the Los Angeles Ukulele Expo downtown. I am sure it diluted and confused the local uke population. The evening concert at SOMOHi was a bargin at $15, and it benefited the Santa Monica High School music department. The high school orchestra was 80 pieces, and the young choral singers were all very good. Great to hear the ukulele performers, sometimes playing solo, other times, duets, and then sometimes with full orchestra. Quite a range, to be sure. Next year, I hope more people are aware of the festival. We had great fun playing in the ampitheater. Next time, we need more time for sound check. There were some songs where the balance was way off. Hard to know how to have more control in that area, but we should talk about it at the next meeting. As always, it was just as much fun reheasing for the event as the event itself. Thanks to all ... Jeff (who arranged our particiaption), Warren and Caroline (who hosted rehearsals), Howard, MJ, Delia, Jessica, Daffodil, and Amy.

Advance player to about 5 minutes for the start of our set.


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