Preparation for July 4th Parade
Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 10:52AM
Lori Apthorp


We had a good meeting last Tuesday, and have made up a playlist for the upcoming parade. Since we will be on a float, it would be best if we memorized the music so we could make eye contact with the audience. We have included a couple of our signature instrumentals to maintain our identity as more than just a sing and strum group. So we added Eleanor Rigby and Tijuana Taxi to the mix, and have decided to add instrumental solos to all the singing songs. Those of you that want to solo, here is your chance to shine. It would be nice to have harmony singing on This Land is your Land. If you see any good examples of effective harmony for that song, it might be nice to try out a couple of different approaches, and see which one works best for us.

New Songs are in the download folder marked Finalists in the 2015 July 4th Parade folder.

The Playlist to concentrate on:

Eleanor Rigby (instrumental)

Tijuana Taxi (instrumental)

Hound Dog (Elvis version)

Twist and Shout (Beatles version)

This Land is Your Land in C (with vocal harmony)

Born to be Wild (we have transposed from the original Em to Dm)

Here is the link to the event:



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