June 16th practice at the Coffee Connection
Sunday, June 14, 2015 at 9:34PM
Lori Apthorp
Thanks Warren and Caroline for hosting the practice today. Hope Warren gets better very soon!
For those who didn't make it today, we ran through the set a couple of times, and used a couple of amps and some pick ups to hear ourselves amplified. I know we have several players who have some way to amplify their ukuleles. I also have 2 microphones that clamp to the sound hole, which Caroline and Howard tested today with great success. I know Jeff and Delia and Lori have pickups on their ukes. So I assume that MJ, Warren and Daffodil don't have any way to amp their ukes yet. It would be nice to get this figured out before the Stumble so we can test it out. 
As far as I know, there are 3 ways to amplify:
1. Have a pick-up installed in your uke.
2. Use a contact mic that either clips onto the sound hole, or is attached on the soundboard with putty (Delia has one of these).
3. A microphone on a mic stand directed at the uke. Jeff spotted this one on Amazon. 
Like I mentioned, I have two mics that fit description #2 (Caroline and Howard are welcome to borrow them). I also have an extra concert sized Teton solid body electric uke that someone can borrow. I will bring this stuff on Tuesday night at the Coffee Connection Meeting for you all to look at and consider.
Not sure how the vocal mics should be done. Should we go for mics on stands, or some sort of headset mic? I think the singers should think about that part.
On Tuesday, we will spend the first half of the meeting working on the top voted instrumentals we chose from the poll: The Entertainer, Aloha Quickstep, and Tears in Heaven. Make sure you bring your music for those songs. The second half of the meeting will be another run through on the Parade play list. I will try and get there early to open up the room so we can set up the sound equipment and maximize our playing time.
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