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About the Westside Ukulele Ensemble

The Westside Ukulele Ensemble was formed in September 2011, when a group of ukulele enthusiasts from Venice, Santa Monica, and surrounding areas in West Los Angeles found there were no regular ukulele meetups on our side of town.

Unlike typical ukulele groups or clubs, which focus on strumming simple chords and singing, the Westside Ukulele Ensemble concentrates on playing instrumental arrangements in parts. We are a dedicated and enthusiastic group, and will practice our songs for many months to learn the parts. New members will be asked to demonstrate proficiency before joining the group. We are not teaching ukulele... we just enjoy learning new songs together and playing. If you are just learning the ukulele, then we are probably not the group for you to start with. If you have been playing awhile, and are looking to play something more challenging than the standard strum and sing, then feel free to drop by and see what we're doing.