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4/17/14 - Added "This Little Light of Mine"

Daniel brought this James Hill ensemble arrangement of "This Little Light of Mine" to practice on Tuesday but we didn't have tabs for it. I've tabbed out the 5 ukulele parts, which includes the chords. The pdf includes all 5 parts on 2 pages which is nice so that we can switch parts without having to switch out pages. I've included a midi of the 5 parts together.

For the chords, the end of the phrases are simple slides up or down by one fret. The chord names aren't important so much as the finger slides.

Some notes regarding this tune from :

  • This arrangement can be played by ensembles of many shapes and sizes. The minimum number of players is five (one to a part, one strummer). The maximum number? That’s up to you!

  • This arrangement does not require a low fourth string. In other words, it is 100% compatible with both low- and high-4th string tunings.

  • Measures 1–16 can be repeated as many times as necessary (without Uke I) as background figures (i.e. accompaniment) for improvised solos. Instead of picking the melody, have Uke I players strum the chords.

And James Hill's version of the song (definitely more exciting than the midi version):

Have fun with it!




Just added – Happy Together

Hi all

Just added Daniel's tab for Happy Together. Go to song downloads and give it a try. It has 2 parts. Thanks Daniel!


Two new songs - a bluesy tune and a sweet waltz

Hi, Ukesters,

I've loaded two new tunes that I've tabbed out for ukuleles. It's in the song list and you'll need to log in to see and download them.

One is called "No Pressure" and was written by a friend of mine. It's smooth and bluesy and fun to play and solo to the beat. The other is "April Waltz" and it feels like it tells a story. These are tunes that I've come to love in my other "career" as a folk dancer. I hope you'll grow to enjoy them, too.



Great meeting!

Hi all

We had another great gathering last night in "The Cabin" (Thanks Coffee Connection!!). We discussed songs to work on for our next performance at the Y, and here is the short list:



The Entertainer (NEW)


No Pressure (NEW)

Thanks to all who came out, especially Peter who shared his birthday with us!! I will be uploading the new songs soon. Michael is preparing pdfs for The Entertainer, so that the 3 parts are seperated, reducing the sheet music from 7 to 2 pages. He is also enlarging the tab numbers so they will be easier to read. Thanks Michael. I will see if I can do No Pressure in Guitar Pro 6, and have Jacqui double check it. 


Songs for June

Hi all

Thanks to all who joined us for the YMCA performance! It was lots of fun. Usually, we try and squeeze a couple of extra practices in before a show, and this time schedules didn't allow for it. So, for the next Y show in June, lets concentrate on selecting some songs well in advance so that we will have more time to get really comfortable with the playlist. June 7th is the next showcase, so those of you who think you will be available, now is the time to narrow down the choices so we can start practicing now. Think seriously about what you would like to play... it's OK to repeat something that we have already done. We should make the decision this coming Tuesday, so if you can't attend this week, let me know by email what your votes would be. That will give us 5 regular meetings before the next YMCA show.

Jacqui has found a 3 part arrangement of The Entertainer.

Check it out and see if it is something you want to try.


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